4-year Curriculum Flow

Liberal Arts are designed so students may acquire a vast knowledge and education and the ability to think comprehensively.
Fundamental Scientific Education are required as basic training in order to take professional education courses.
Professional Education Courses are in place to foster an advanced technical knowledge in students. They are operated under the administration of each department, however students may earn up to 8 credits in courses outside their department.
The curriculum is made up of which students are required to take in order to advance or graduate, required which students choose from amongst specified subjects, and which students can choose freely from amongst the subjects offered. For example, International Language subjects and Sports Science are compulsory subjects. In order to graduate students are required to earn at least 124 credits.
Lectures are conducted once a week for 90 minutes, 15 times per semester and are worth 2 credits.


Curriculum Features

Upon entering the university in their first year, as their introductory education students take the First Year Seminar, and numbers of mathematics classes as the fundamentals of computer science, in order to lead a fulfilling academic lifestyle. International language classes, which are essential in order to take an active role in the global society, and a variety of general education courses to cultivate a well-rounded education, are also offered.

From the second year, in order for students to obtain the necessary expertise in various areas of human-centered computing, in addition to various hardware and software related specialized subjects, a variety of classes that comprehend human perception and cognition and apply that to products and services are also offered.

Furthermore, in this course there are programming practicums and labs to design and build autonomous robots amongst a wide-range of 15 different subjects that use computers which cultivate the hands-on skills necessary for system development.

In the latter half of the third year students are assigned to research labs, in the process of developing their presentation problem-solving abilities through reading foreign literature, research proposals and undertaking graduation thesis subject research, students aim to attain a high level of creativity in their research development. Motivated students present their research students at academic conferences both within Japan and abroad, and students may obtain further technical skills through communication with a variety of academics at our graduate school.

Computer Systems for Advanced Education

Equipment (Course)
・Computer Room (1): total 60 Notebook PCs
・Computer Room (2): total 50 Notebook PCs
・Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Linux
・Servers: File Server, Learning Management System

Equipment (University)
Center of Information Technology and Management »

Equipment in each laboratory
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